Tailored to suit your needs
now and in the future

Basic Principles

As a client of BCON you can expect something special. We offer far more than just standardised consulting procedures. We adapt our approach to suit your requirements. Our work is individual and holistic with a focus on long term success. We concentrate on projects that require the extensive experience and skills offered by our consultants. Our guidance leads to directly measurable added value within the company concerned.

At BCON you will find consultants who speak your language. However, it is not always a case of working together to develop and implement strategies and concepts: sometimes it is simply a case of deciding on the best course of action through mutual collaboration. Our relationship of trust is not linked to the size of company, office location or media presence. Instead, it is something that we cultivate through the experience, straightforwardness and loyalty that we offer our clients. These are our basic principles.


Expertise grows out of experience! We are proud of the fact that our consultants work equally effectively on both sides – consulting and management roles – and make an impact on changing the relevant processes, businesses and industries. The value of our experience lies above all in always assessing the situation correctly, developing new creative structures and predicting the reactions of customers and the market. In this way we are able to give the right advice from the start, which is a key factor in putting the commercial objectives of our clients swiftly into practice.


Our second basic principle is our unswerving straightforwardness. We are convinced that our open, consistent and transparent ways of thinking and acting translate into long-term success for our clients. We analyse situations in a realistic, fact-based manner so that we can work hand in hand with our clients to develop the best possible solutions for them.


Loyalty and discretion are essential elements of good consulting. Even when they find themselves in difficult situations, we support our clients with strength of character and steadfastness. In order to protect our clients’ internal company policy , we do not offer consultancy services to direct competitors. Furthermore, we never use the names of our clients to drum up business.

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