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BCON-Energy consulting and ESG-Optimization

Climate change has become one of the most urgent global challenges, which is why the importance of sustainability topics has increased.

The European green deal, which has the objective to reach CO2-neutrality until 2050, is a possible answer to the current situation.

In order to reach the set target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, different economic sectors have to be taken into consideration. One crucial sector is real estate, since it is responsible for 40 % of the energy consumption and 36 % of the green house gas emissions in the EU.

Hence, energy consultancy is a vital instrument on the road to CO2-nesutrality as well as to a more sustainable future.

Due to the utilization of renewable energy, energy efficiency measurements as well as the development of sustainable infrastructure, resources can be conserved and the CO2 footprint can be reduced. A comprehensive inspection of the energy consumption in buildings is essential.

Especially in the area if energy efficiency measurements, the expertise of an energy consultant is crucial.

Our BCON- Energy Consultants can help you to analyze the energy consumption of buildings and portray optimization potentials. We conduct energy evaluations, identify weaknesses and recommend concrete measurements for saving energy and also recommend possible funding opportunities.

Our consulting approach goes beyond the simple identification of energy measurements. We offer a holistic approach (concept) to optimize energy consumption and to improve energy efficiency. We look at the whole building and analyze not only heating- as well as cooling systems but also isolation, lighting, ventilation and the use of renewable energies.

A comprehensive consideration enables us to develop individual solutions, which are customized to your specific needs and to the conditions of your building.

By identifying energetic weaknesses and implementing efficient technologies and practices, considerable energy savings can be generated. An improvement of energy efficiency leads to a decrease in the CO2 footprint, additionally to cost savings and an improved profitability for owners.

The right utilization of renewable energy can result in lucrative business models. We are happy to support you with the identification of funding opportunities and other financing models as well as business models.

Through as successful implementation of sustainability measurements companies can improve their ESG-rating (Environmental, Social, Governance). It signals the companies’ commitment to environment-, social and governance aspects and can benefit the company’s value and risk management and moreover can be a competitive advantage. The ESG-reporting help companies to transparently portray their progress to the public and consequently build up investors, costumers and stakeholder’s trust. Therefore, it is of great importance for a company to continuously improve its sustainability performance and to actively participate with the ESG-ratings.

We are looking forward to consulting you in context of the ESG-optimization.

Climate-neutral consulting services


This year BCON participates again in the competition “TOP CONSULTANT 2023”.

We are looking forward to the feedback of our customers!

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TOP CONSULTANT 2023 Wettbewerb


Christmas greeting 2022

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BCON Christmas Card 2022 EN


Top Company 2023 – We did it again! 🚀🚀

For the second year in a row, we have qualified for the Kununu Top Company seal. This means that our employees have also voted us among the approximately five percent of the most popular employers on Kununu with their ratings for 2023.

Thank you very much!

We continue to optimize the framework conditions for creative and innovative work on our projects.

Chief Happiness Officer

#consulting #emobility #digitaltransformation #brandexperience #sustainability #digitalisierung #automobilindustrie #waytozero #racetozero #climatechange #retailinnovation

kununu - Top Company 2023



In our consulting projects, we support our customers on their way to more sustainability and reduction of the CO² footprint. We focus on smart solutions for e-mobility readiness, decarbonization and digital transformation to a climate-neutral business.

In the Taunus region just outside Frankfurt am Main, it quickly becomes clear to everyone that action is needed to protect the climate!

So how can we as BCON become active for climate protection?

Our goal is to ensure that our consulting services are climate neutral. This is part of our corporate strategy at BCON.

We invest globally in sustainable projects for forest reforestation, solar energy, clean drinking water and reduction of plastics.

This already enables us to be a climate-neutral consulting company!

🍃 We will also emit 25% less CO² every year.

🚗 We will convert our vehicle fleet to electric vehicles by 2025.

⚡️ Electricity generated from renewable energy sources is a MUST.

There is more to come, we keep you updated!

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In our consulting projects, we support our customers on their way to more sustainability and reduction of the CO2 footprint. In doing so, we focus on smart solutions for e-mobility readiness and solar energy.

But of course, we also ask ourselves what we can do as a consulting company to help combat climate change.

We therefore do three things:

  1. we regularly determine and analyze our CO2 footprint.
  2. we reduce our CO2 footprint continuously, wherever it is possible for us.
  3. we compensate for everything we cannot reduce directly through climate projects globally.

These include reforestation, solar energy, and plastic reduction projects.

This is a first step in the right direction. However, this is only the beginning for us. More to come!

#consulting #sustainability #emobility #digitalisierung #automobilindustrie #waytozero #racetozero #climatechange #retailinnovation

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Who wants to help shape the future of the automotive industry in sustainability, e-mobility, digitization and corporate identity rollout?

We are continuously looking for consultants, project managers and interns for our exciting and international large-scale projects.
You can find everything else directly at our LinkedIn job offers or also on our website.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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Cheer photo BCON TOP Consultant 2021


New Year’s greetings 2022

BCON works for you on a climate neutral basis. That is our contribution for sustainability.
BCON New Year’s greetings 2022


Christmas greeting 2021

BCON Christmas greeting 2021


Award for TOP Consultant of the year

Award for TOP Consultant of the year by Christian Wulff und Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink and thanks through Alexander von Buzay.
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Climate-neutral consulting services

Climate protection concerns us all. To this end, BCON is in exploratory talks with Climate Partner (, among others. The goal is for BCON to provide all consulting services in a sustainably climate-neutral manner in the future.

Climate-neutral consulting services


Employee satisfaction

BCON has been awarded the TOP seal of approval and OPEN Company by Kununu, the leading platform for employer reviews.

Top CompanyOpen Company


BCON Automotive awarded with consultant seal


TOP CONSULTANT competition puts consulting quality under the microscope/ Customer survey on scientific basis

Frankfurt am Main – Existing in the consulting elite: BCON has been awarded with TOP CONSULTANT-seal 2021. This makes the consulting firm one of the best SME consultants in Germany and it has been allowed to carry the seal since June 15th. For the 12th time, the nationwide TOP CONSULTANT competition examined on a scientific basis how well the participants advised their medium-sized clients.

Read more (pdf)


Career Opportunities

Who wants to help shape the transformation of the automotive trade? For our exciting and international projects for corporate identity, e-mobility and digitalization (digital transformation), we are constantly looking for dedicated interns, consultants and senior consultants.

We are looking forward to receiving numerous applications directly from you or via LinkedIn.


Consistent digital transformation

We not only digitize our customers’ processes, but also do this consistently BCON internally. That’s how we were once again able to complete our recertification according to the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 with top marks.

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BAFA advisory services

BCON is a listed consulting company of BAFA. This means that our advisory services for the “Förderung unternehmerischen Know-hows” program are partially covered or financed by the federal government.


We are growing.

And in order to be able to expand further, we are currently looking for consultants, senior consultants and interns who believe they could feel inspired by our approach and our culture. For more information, click on the Career Opportunities link.


Market Study Digital Customer Journey in the Car Dealership

Strategic recommendation for action in the field of digitalization of the automotive trade

Customer touchpoints, lead generation, customer experience, digital extended CI concept (space concept)

Increasing digitalization affects the entire economy and leads to significant changes in the traditional business of the automotive industry. The automotive trade and its car dealerships are challenged to adapt to changing customer needs and to establish newly emerging disruptive technology innovations in sales. An adaptation and transformation of business models is therefore inevitable. BCON – Management Consultants carries out individual market and potential analysis in the automotive trade on the basis of these challenges. These deal with the newly emerging business models in the car dealership, the necessary adjustments to the CI space concept and future strategic action solutions.

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Market Survey Rollout E-Mobility

Strategic recommendations for the developmentof a charging infrastructure in the retail network

Market conditions, players, business processes and required methods and tools

As part of the e-mobility product campaign, automobile manufacturers expect increasing BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) sales within the next years. This requiresan e-specific adjustment of the car dealership infrastructure in sales and aftersales. Based on these requirements, BCON – Management Consultants conduct a market survey on the current business processes and players in the market, deriving recommendations for action in regard to setting up a charging infrastructure in the retail network.

Read more (pdf)

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